Double Armed Motorized Ceiling Pendant Units
Double Armed Non Motorized Ceiling Pendant Units incorporate the gases and equipments connections that are used in the treatment of patients.

This pendant can be used for surgery and anesthesia purpose that is designed for the efficient use of the available space in the operating rooms and at long distances owing to double arm.

The arm connected to the service module can be moved up and down at a distance of 60-120 cm depending on the arm length with the motor system located at the end point of the pendant.

This movement is limited to sensors placed at the limit points of the pendant.

The service module and the vertical column can be rotated 340 degrees around its axis.

Pendant is fixed in the desired position with pneumatic or electromagnetic brake to prevent unwanted movements.

Note : All equipment on the service module can be changed according to the technical specifications.
medical ceiling pendant unit
medical ceiling pendant unit