PL Medical Gas Outlets
Integral YT Medical Gas Outlets (BS) are manufactured according to EN ISO 9170-1: 2016 standard with plastic upper body and brass bottom body.

The lower and upper bodies of each outlet are gas-specific, the lower body accepts only the upper body and the upper body accepts only its own probe.

Product Code Product Name
80101BSO2PL Plastic Oxygen Medical Gas Outlet (BS)
80101BSVACPL Plastic Vacuum Medical Gas Outlet (BS)
80101BSMA4PL Plastic 4 Bar Air Medical Gas Outlet (BS)
80101BSSA7PL Plastic 7 Bar Air Surgical Medical Gas Outlet (BS)
80101BSN2OPL Plastic Nitrous Oxide Medical Gas Outlet (BS)
80101BSCO2PL Plastic Carbondioxide Medical Gas Outlet (BS)

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PL Medical Gas Outlet BS